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Badings, Henk (actually, Hendrik Herman)

dutch composition taught scale

Badings, Henk (actually, Hendrik Herman), eminent Dutch composer and pedagogue; b. Bandung, Dutch East Indies, Jan. 17, 1907; d. Maar-heeze, June 26, 1987. He was orphaned at an early age and taken to the Netherlands; studied mining engineering at the Delft Polytechnic Univ. before taking up composition without formal training; an early sym. was premiered by Mengelberg and the Concertgebouw Orch. in Amsterdam (July 6, 1930). After composition lessons with Pijper (1930–31), he taught at the Rotterdam Cons. (1934–37), the Amsterdam Lyceum (1937–41), and the Royal Cons. of Music at The Hague (1941–45). In 1945 he was barred from professional activities as a cultural collaborator during the Nazi occupation of his homeland, but in 1947 was permitted to resume his career. From 1961 to 1977 he taught at the Univ. of Utrecht musicological inst.; also was a prof. of composition at the Stuttgart Hochschule für Musik (1966–72). Badings began his career as a composer in the Romantic vein. In his melodic foundation, he often employed the scale of alternating major and minor seconds. From 1950 he experimented with electronic sound and also adapted some of his works to the scale of 31 melodic divisions devised by the Dutch physicist Adriaan Fokker.

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