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Allen, Hope Emily (1883–1960) - Medieval History

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Hope Emily Allen, known as an “independent scholar,” was born in Kenwood, Oneida, New York, in 1883. She attended Niagara Falls (Ontario) Collegiate Institute, then graduated with distinction from Bryn Mawr College in 1905 with a B.A. degree. She continued her master’s work at Radcliffe College and Newn-ham College at the University of Cambridge.

Allen’s main area of interest was mystical literature of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and the writing of Richard Rolle in particular. In 1910 she contributed to a volume of the Radcliffe Monographs in which she presented evidence that proved Rolle was not the author of the Prick of Conscience . In 1927 she published Writings Ascribed to Richard Rolle, Hermit of Hampole, and Materials for His Biography in the third volume of the Monograph Series of the Modern Language Association of America. She was awarded the Rose Mary Crawshay Prize of the British Academy in 1929 for this work. She published English Writings of Richard Rolle, Hermit of Hampole in 1931.

Allen was the assistant editor of the Early Modern English Dictionary at the University of Michigan from 1933 to 1938. She then became interested in researching the “eccentric fifteenth-century mystic and ardent feminist” Margery Kempe and was responsible for the discovery of an autobiography written more than 500 years ago by Kempe. She and Sanford Meech completed a biography of Kempe in 1940. Allen was awarded an honorary degree by Smith College in 1946 for her “deep appreciation of the spiritual values” of the Middle Ages.

Allen died on July 1, 1960, at Oneida, New York.

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