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Ball, Eve (1890–1984) - Western U.S. History

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Katherine Evelyn Daly Ball was born March 14, 1890, in Clarksdale, Tennessee, to Samuel Richard and Gazelle (Gibbs) Daly. Her mother was the first woman to practice medicine in Kansas, where the family eventually made their home. Eve received a B.S. in education from Kansas State Teachers’ College in Pitts-burg, Kansas, in 1918, an M.A. in education at Kansas State University in 1934, and an honorary doctorate in the humanities from Artesia College in 1972.

Ball taught most of her life, eventually residing in Ruidoso, New Mexico, where she became interested in the Southwest and Native Americans; she did not begin her historical career until about age sixty. She had amassed an extensive oral history of southwestern pioneers and the Apache Indians at a time when such work was not valued. Ball preferred to concentrate on unknown figures, and her work earned her the Golden Spur Award in 1975 from the Western Writers of America for best nonfiction short story. In 1981 she won the Saddleman’s Award for Indeh, an Apache Odyssey , a compilation of interviews with some sixty-seven Apaches. In 1982 she was inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center in Hereford, Texas. Eve Ball died at her home in Ruidoso, New Mexico, on December 24, 1984.

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about 8 years ago

I have known Eve Ball all my life and I'm glad to see that a woman who did more to help relations between whites and Indians [Apache]than any single person I've studied, has not been forgotten. da.