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Baggiani, Guido

electronic music composition chamber

Baggiani, Guido, Italian composer; b. Naples, March 4, 1932. He studied composition at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome; then attended courses given by Stockhausen in Cologne, which were crucial for his further development. In Rome he organized a group for propagandizing contemporary music with the meaningful name of Nuova Consonanza. In 1970 he was appointed prof. of composition at the Pesaro Cons. In 1972 he formed a group with the curious Italian-American name Gruppo Team Roma for performances of electronic music. His principal works are Mimesi for Strings and Woodwinds (1967); Metafora for Solo Strings (1968); UBU-ng for Soprano, Piano, Vibraphone, Electric Guitar, and six Chinese Gongs (1970); Twins for Piano and Magnetic Tape (1971); Memoria for Chamber Orch. and Two Magnetic Tapes (1972); Accordo Presunto for Two Instrumental Groups and Electronic Media (1973); ContriAzione for Two Orchs. (1975); Double for Chamber Ensemble (1977); II crudo e il cotto for Four Female Voices, Two Flutes, Two Clarinets, and Electronic Media (1982).

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