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Colie, Rosalie L. (1924–1972) - European History

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Rosalie L. Colie, an expert in the cultural history of early modern Europe, was born in New York City in 1924 to Frederic R. and Rosalie L. Colie. She obtained a B.A. in 1944 at Vassar College, an M.A. from Columbia in 1946, and a Ph.D. in history and English in 1950. During this time she began teaching English at Douglass College and from 1949 to 1961 taught English and humanities at Barnard College. She then became professor of history at Wesleyan University and professor of history and English at the University of Iowa until 1966. She was a visiting professor at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, and a professor of English at Victoria College in the University of Toronto. In 1969 she was named Nancy Duke Lewis Professor at Brown University and was chair of the department of comparative literature.

In 1956 Colie wrote Some Thankfulnesse to Constantine , a biography of the Dutch virtuoso Contantijn Huygens. The next year she published Light and Enlightenment , a study of “the thought of the Cambridge Platonists and the Dutch Arminians.” Paradoxia Epidemica was published in 1966, a result of research on the use of the paradox in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literature. Rosalie Colie drowned on July 7, 1972, when her canoe overturned in the Lieutenant River near her home in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

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