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Donnan, Elizabeth (1883?–1955) - U.S. History

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Elizabeth Donnan was born around 1883 in Morrow County, Ohio, to John W. and Annie Grisell Donnan. She received an A.B. from Cornell University in 1907 and became a member of John Franklin Jameson’s staff at the Department of Historical Research of the Carnegie Institution of Washington; until 1909 she was editorial assistant at the American Historical Review . In 1920 she became professor of economics at Wellesley College; she remained there until 1949. In 1915 she was editor of Papers of James A. Bayard and published An Historian’s World: Selection from Correspondence of John Franklin Jameson with Leo F. Stock. She wrote Documents Illustrative of the Slave Trade , Volumes 1-4, for the Carnegie Institution from 1930 to 1935. She also wrote Economic Principles and Modern Practice with H. R. Mussey in 1942. At the time of her death on March 15, 1955, she was arranging the papers of Jameson, which included large portions of the files of the Department of Historical Research at Carnegie Institution from 1903 to 1928, for transfer to the Manuscripts Division of the Library of Congress.

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