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Durant, Ariel (1898–1981) - World History

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Ariel Durant, who collaborated with her husband, Will Durant, in the eleven-volume series The Story of Civilization , was born Chaya Kaufman in Proskurov (now Khmelnitski), Russia. Her father was Joseph Kaufman, a newspaper vendor, and her mother was Ethel (Appel) Kaufman. The family immigrated to New York in 1901. Ariel, with the rest of the family, hawked newspapers on New York street corners, although she did attend Ferrer Modern School around 1912, before she met and married historian/philosopher Will Durant in 1913. She began helping him with the organization of his historical research. Her contributions were unofficial in the first six volumes of The Story of Civilization , written between 1935 and 1957, but she was credited as co-author beginning with the publication in 1961 of the seventh volume, The Age of Reason Begins , and continuing until the publication of the final volume, The Age of Napoleon , in 1975. The two wrote a dual biography in 1977 and that same year received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In addition, Ariel (a name given her by her husband) received the Woman of the Year Award from the Los Angeles Times in 1965, and the Rousseau and Revolution volume of the series won the 1968 Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction. Ariel Durant died in Los Angeles on October 25, 1981.

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