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Goff, Eugenia Wheeler (1844–?) - Historical Geography

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Eugenia Wheeler Goff was born in North Clarkson, Monroe County, New York, on January 17, 1844, to Joseph Lacy and Sarah Ann (Peck) Wheeler. The family moved to Winona, Minnesota, and she graduated from State Normal School in 1869. She taught there for eight years and for nine years in state institutes and teachers’ training schools in the state. In 1876 she wrote a textbook, Minnesota, Its Geography, History and Resources . It was adopted for use in all common and graded schools in the state. The textbook was the first to combine history, resources, and geography, and leading textbook publishers adopted her ideas for other states.

Eugenia Goff also originated a set of historical wall maps which located leading historical events of the countries. When she married Henry Slade Goff in 1882, they continued this work together. In 1887 they organized the National Historical Publishing Company. For twenty-five years, Eugenia did the historical research and designed historical maps and charts, which eventually numbered over 100 and ranged from book size to large wall maps. In 1893 the Goffs published a historical atlas entitled The United States and Her Neighbors . The date of Goff’s death is unknown.

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