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Hebard, Grace Raymond (1861–1936) - Local History

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Grace Raymond Hebard was born in Clinton, Iowa, to the Rev. George Diah Alonzo and Margaret E. Dominick (Marven) Hebard. Grace attended the State University of Iowa and received a B.S. in civil engineering in 1882. She then became a draftsman in the land office of the United States Surveyor General at Cheyenne, Wyoming, for nine years. While working, she earned an M.A. from Iowa in 1885. In 1891 Hebard became secretary of the board of trustees of the University of Wyoming at Laramie and was appointed a trustee. She served until 1903 and continued as secretary until 1908. In 1906 she had been appointed associate professor of political economy after teaching the subject “informally” since 1891, having earned a doctorate by correspondence from Illinois Wesleyan University. She eventually became head of the department. Hebard also served as the university librarian from 1894 to 1919, and gathered and organized an extensive collection of manuscripts and books related to western history. She was the first woman admitted to the Wyoming bar (1898). She was a state officer of the Daughters of the American Revolution and a Wyoming state tennis champion. She was also active in the suffrage movement.

Despite her very busy schedule, Grace Hebard had a lifelong devotion to Wyoming history, and while her books were considered to be highly romanticized, they were very widely read. She wrote The History and Government of Wyoming in 1904, and it went through eleven editions. Pathbreakers from River to Ocean was published in 1911, The Bozeman Trail , with E. A. Brininstool, in 1922, Washakie in 1930, and Sacajawea, Guide and Interpreter of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1932. In order to obtain information for the books, she spent a number of summers among the Shoshoni Indians. As a member and officer of the state historical society, she also worked to preserve and identify historic trails and points of interest in Wyoming.

Grace Hebard died at the age of seventy-five in Laramie. Her extensive library and manuscript collection was left to the University of Wyoming Library. A plaque inscribed “In memory of Dr. Grace Raymond Hebard, 1861–1936, Wyoming historian, author, educator” was placed on Independence Rock, State 220, near Alcova, Wyoming.

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almost 4 years ago

I have the book pathfinders from river to ocean by Grace Raymond Hebard. published in Chicago by lakeside press 1911. I am wondering what it is worth. any help would be appreciated.