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King, Grace Elizabeth (1853?–1932) - Local History

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Grace Elizabeth King is thought to have been born on November 29, 1853, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her father, William Woodson King, was a lawyer and state legislator; her mother, Sarah Ann Miller, was his second wife. Grace was taught mostly at home and in Creole schools in Louisiana before attending the Institut St. Louis, graduating at age sixteen. She then attended a school established by Madame Cenas and made her intellectual debut with an essay, “The Heroines of Fiction,” for the Pan-Gnostic Society, a literary group headed by Julia Ward Howe. She began writing fiction based on Creole society and enjoyed minimal success.

In 1892 King turned to writing history. She began with a biography written for the Makers of America series on the founder of New Orleans, Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville. The next year, she collaborated with John R. Ficklen, a Tulane professor, on a high school textbook, A History of Louisiana . In 1895 she published New Orleans: The Place and the People , and in 1898 she wrote De Soto and His Men in the Land of Florida .

In addition to her writing, Grace King was at one time recording secretary for the Louisiana Historical Society and was on the advisory board of the society’s Quarterly after its foundation in 1917. Her mother and two sisters, with whom she lived, took on the household work so that King could write and hold Friday afternoon receptions. She summered in Hartford with a friend, Charles Dudly Warner, and became friends with Mark Twain and his family. She was a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Science in England and an Officier de l’Instruction Publique in France. King received a doctor of letters degree from Tulane University. She sporadically returned to fiction, with little success, and in 1921 finished Creole Families of New Orleans . Grace King died of nephritis on January 14, 1932. Her Memories of a Southern Woman of Letters was published posthumously the same year.

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almost 7 years ago

i am glad that she became freinds with Mary twein and his family