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Larson, Agnes Matilda (1892–1957) - Local History

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Agnes Matilda Larson, who became known as an expert on the history of lumbering in Minnesota, was born to Hans Olaf Larson, a farmer/businessman, and Karen Marie Nordgaarden on March 15, 1892, in Preston, Minnesota. That same year the family moved back to Bloomfield until 1911, when they moved to Northfield. From 1912 to 1913 Agnes and her sisters, Henrietta and Nora, attended St. Olaf College. Agnes and Henrietta both became historians. Agnes graduated with a B.A. in history and English. She studied social work at the University of Chicago in the summer and taught high school in Walcott, North Dakota, and Northfield, Minnesota. She attended graduate school at Columbia University in 1921 and received her M.A. in 1922. She began teaching college at the State Teachers College in Mankato, Minnesota. In 1926 she began teaching at Northfield and St. Olaf’s. In 1929 she received a second M.A., from Radcliffe College, and she was given a $1,500 regional fellowship in 1931 by the American Association of University Women. She worked with Frederick Merk at Harvard University, studying the white pine industry in Minnesota. In 1932 she returned to Northfield to teach, research her thesis, and catalogue for the Norwegian-American Historical Association. In 1933 Larson tramped the northern woods interviewing lumberjacks and influential lumber families such as the Weyerhaeusers and Lairds. She received her doctorate in 1938 and spent her summers in Washington, D.C., studying economics at the Brookings Institution and researching land titles at the Department of the Interior. She was department chair of history at St. Olaf’s from 1942 to 1960. During that time she completed History of the White Pine Industry in Minnesota . Just before her death on January 24, 1957, Agnes Larson published John A. Johnson: An Uncommon American , a biography of a pioneer Wisconsin businessman.

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