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Salmon, Lucy Maynard (1853–1927) - U.S. History

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Lucy Maynard Salmon was born on July 27, 1853, in Fulton, New York, to George Salmon, a bank director and owner of a successful tannery, and Maria Clara Maynard Salmon, principal of Fulton Female Seminary from 1836 until her marriage. Lucy’s mother died when she was seven, and her father remarried a year later. Lucy attended school in Oswego and at the Falley Seminary (the Fulton Female Seminary, which had become coeducational). She was eventually sent to Michigan to stay with relatives and entered the University of Michigan in 1872, one of about fifty women students studying there. She graduated in 1876. Salmon became assistant principal, then principal, of the high school in McGregor, Iowa, then returned to Ann Arbor in 1882 for graduate work in modern European history and English and American constitutional history. After receiving her A.M. degree, she taught at the Indiana State Normal School at Terre Haute, then received a fellowship at Bryn Mawr College for 1886–87 to study American history.

In 1888 Lucy Maynard Salmon became the first history teacher at Vassar College and was made full professor in 1889. In 1885 she had published a monograph entitled Education in Michigan During the Territorial Period , and her master’s thesis, History of the Appointing Power of the President , was published in 1886 in the first volume of the American Historical Association Papers . She published Domestic Service in 1897 and Progress in the Household in 1906. In 1923 she published The Newspapers and the Historian and The Newspaper and Authority . Two books were published posthumously, Why Is History Rewritten? in 1929 and Historical Material in 1933. Salmon was a member of the American Historical Association from its founding in 1884 and served on its executive committee from 1915 to 1919. She helped found the Association of History Teachers of the Middle States and Maryland and was its first president. When retirement age came around at age seventy, she obtained permission to continue to teach, and in 1926 friends established the Lucy Maynard Salmon Fund for Research, which gave her the funds to continue her scholarly work. In February 1927, Lucy Maynard Salmon suffered a stroke and died in Pough-keepsie.

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