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Stanard, Mary Mann Page Newton (1865–1929) - Local History

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Mary Mann Page Newton Stanard was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, to the Rt. Rev. John Brockenbrough and Roberta Page (Williamson) Newton. She was educated in ordinary schools near her home, then graduated from the Leache-Wood School in Norfolk. She married William Glover Stanard, corresponding secretary of the Virginia Historical Society, on April 17, 1900, and moved to Richmond. She began collaborating with her husband on The Colonial Virginia Register , published in 1902, then on her own wrote The Story of Bacon’s Rebellion , published in 1907. She wrote several biographies including The Dreamer; A Romantic Rendering of the Life-Story of Edgar Allan Poe (1909), John Marshall (1913), and John Brockenbrough Newton (1924). She also wrote a series of social histories of Virginia including Colonial Virginia, Its People and Customs (1917) and Richmond, Its People and Its Story (1923). She edited Edgar Allan Poe Letters Till Now Unpublished in the Valentine Museum, Richmond, Va. in 1925. Her last book, The Story of Virginia’s First Century , was published in 1928. She was historian of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities until her death and was vice-president of the Virginia Society of the Colonial Dames of America. She was also on the executive committee of the Edgar Allan Poe Shrine and the Virginia War History Commission. Mary Stanard died in Richmond on June 5, 1929.

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