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Wergeland, Agnes Mathilde (1857–1914) - World History

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Agnes Mathilde Wergeland was born on May 8, 1857, in Christiania (Oslo), Norway, to Sverre Nicolai and Anne Margrete (Larsen) Wergeland. She attended a school for young ladies in Christiania in 1879 and in 1883 studied Old Norse and Icelandic law under famous jurist Konrad Mauer in Munich, Germany. She then attended the University of Zurich and became the first woman from Norway to receive a Ph.D. She received a fellowship in history from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania in 1890 and lectured there for two years before lecturing at the University of Illinois in 1893. She was a docent in history at the University of Chicago from 1896 to 1902 and nonresident instructor from 1902 to 1908. In 1902 Wergeland was offered the position of chair of the department of history at the University of Wyoming, and she became a United States citizen in 1904. She wrote Ameriká og Andre Digte (1912) and Efterladte Digte (1914). In 1916 History of the Working Classes in France, Leaders in Norway and Other Essays, Slavery in Germanic Society During the Middle Ages , and Early Christian Romanesque and Gothic Archictecture were all published posthumously. Agnes Wergeland died on March 6, 1914, in Laramie, Wyoming. A $5,000 endowment fund was given as a memorial to the Royal Frederik’s University at Christiania for Norwegian women students to study history and economics in the United States. A scholarship in history was also donated to the University of Wyoming in her honor.

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