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Williams, Catharine Read Arnold (1787–1872) - Local History

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Catharine Read Arnold Williams was born on December 31, 1787, to Capt. Alfred and Amey R. Arnold in Providence, Rhode Island. Her mother died when she was young, and since her father was a sea captain, she was sent to live with two maiden aunts who tutored her at home. On September 28, 1824, she married Horatio N. Williams in New York City. The Williamses lived in western New York state for approximately two years before Catharine returned to Providence with her infant daughter and divorced her husband. She tried running a school, but poor health forced her to turn to writing to support herself and her child. She began with poetry and fiction, then turned to nonfiction with Tales, National and Revolutionary in 1830, followed by Fall River, an Authentic Record published in 1833, which described a sensational murder by Rev. Ephraim K. Avery. Biography of Revolutionary Heroes was published in 1839, and The Neutral French, or the Exiles of Nova Scotia came out in 1841 after research in the Canadian provinces. Between 1843 and 1845 Williams wrote a two-volume collection called Annals of the Aristocracy; Being a Series of Anecdotes of Some of the Principal Families of Rhode Island . In 1849 she went to Brooklyn, New York, to care for an aged aunt and returned after the aunt’s death to Providence. Catharine Williams died on October 11, 1872.

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