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Barkauskas, Vytautas (Pranas Marius)

lithuanian cons composition piano

Barkauskas, Vytautas (Pranas Marius), eminent Lithuanian composer and pedagogue; b. Kaunas, March 25, 1931. He settled in Vilnius, where he received training in piano at the J. Tallat-Kelpa Specialized Music H.S. (1949–53), and concurrently took courses in the dept. of physics and mathematics at the State Pedagogical Inst. He then studied composition with Raciunas and orchestration with Balsys at the Lithuanian State Cons. (1953–59), and later attended the orchestration class of J.A. Fortunatov at the Moscow Cons. (1982). In 1961 he became a teacher at the Lithuanian State Cons., where he was made an assoc. prof. in 1974 and a prof. of composition in 1989. In 1972 he was awarded the Lithuanian State Prize and in 1981 he was made a Merited Artist of Lithuania. Barkauskas was an early champion of the avant- garde in Lithuania. His piano cycle Poetry (1964) was the first score by a Lithuanian to freely adopt the use of the 12-tone series. In his works, he has expertly balanced serial and tonal techniques.

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