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The Clique series - Main characters, Secondary characters

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Massie Block
A gorgeous brunette with shiny hair, golden eyes and a glacier-white smile. The ruthless leader of OCD’s most popular girls group the “Pretty Committee.” Known for her sharp tongue and classy attitiude. Boys she likes include Derrick Harrington a.k.a. “Derrington” and Cam Fisher.

Claire Lyons
The blonde Floridian beauty with snow-white skin, sapphire eyes and a casual fashion sense. At the beginning, she is seen as an innocent, naive tomboy until abuse from the Clique causes her personality to change, revealing strength as well as weaknesses. Ditching her close friend, Layne to become part of the Clique, Claire seems to lose herself as well. Claire dates Briarwood’s best soccer player Cam Fisher.

Alicia Rivera
With exotic Spanish looks, Alex is Massie’s beta-dog, known for her ability to scope out scenes of new gossip. Alex dreams of going out with Josh Hotz.

Kristen Gregory
The once-rich, now poor scholarship student is known for her athletic skills, intelligence, and strict parents. She pretends to still have the money her father lost years before, though it is uncovered by Claire in the third book that she is no longer wealthy. Her shame about her parents’ loss of money makes her carry out crazy money-making plans.

Dylan Marvil
Russet-haired, green-eyed Dylan is the tall, heavy-set member of the Clique. Always on a diet, her up and down weight is a cause of deep pain. Her mother is famous talk show hostess Merri-Lee Marvil. The Clique meets Hadley Durk and Abby Boyd while attending the taping of her mother’s show.

Secondary characters

Layne Abeley
She is an outsider who likes to dress strange, express herself and discover new things. Layne is seen as a loser by everyone in the Clique except Claire. Layne had a brief “friendship” with Massis Block who pretended to be her friend to get closer to Layne’s brother Chris who is already dating the breathtakingly beautiful, Fawn. Throughout the series, Layne is obsessed with strange food combinations. Her two best friends, Meena and Heather stage protests with her. No one knows she wears headgear.

Cam Fisher
Younger brother of super-popular Harris, Cam has an ecclectic style, is fond of wearing leather, and is known for having one blue and one green eye. Though the most popular girl Massie Block, has a crush on Cam, he likes Claire whom he can never get a moment alone with because of Massie’s interference. Eventually, Massie learns of Cam and Claire’s budding relationship and gives her approval after much squabbling. He shows his affection for Claire by giving her candy and CDs.

Nina Callas
The curvaceous and callous cutie and cousin to Alicia is a known thief of both boyfriends and possessions.

Derrick Harrington a.k.a Derrington
Surfer-boy haired, dark-eyed Derrington is Massie’s boyfriend and has a strange resemblance to a golden retriever. When not conducting shortless victory dances on the soccer field, Derrington wears shorts year-long. This king of Briarwood Academy is the crush of many girls, but belongs to Massie who he calls “Block.”

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