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Introduction - How Each Entry Is Organized

business person’s life section

he purpose of Business Leader Profiles for Students is to provide readers with a comprehensive resource of business biographies, giving them easy access to information on past and present business leaders. The book focuses on prominent individuals who have made significant contributions to business and industry. Part of Gale’s successful line of business products for students, BLS is specifically designed to meet the curricular needs of high school and undergraduate college students and their teachers, as well as the interests of general readers and researchers studying business figures. See Gale’s Company Profiles for Students for in depth information on 280 prominent U.S. corporations. The material in this book focuses on the company’s founder and reports on his/her management style and impact on society.

Each entry in Business Leader Profiles for Students includes an overview of the person’s greatest accomplishments, information on his/her personal life, career details, and a section on how the person influenced society and the economy. The reader will also learn about the person’s education, management style, and business philosophy. To aid the reader a chronology is provided in each entry, detailing key dates in the person’s life, and interesting and important facts about the leader’s life and career.

The topic list for this volume was selected by surveying many sources on business, economics, and history and also by analyzing course curricula for various school districts. The list of both historical and contemporary business leaders was approved by an advisory panel of five high school teachers and high school and public librarians.

How Each Entry Is Organized

The chapters in BLS are organized alphabetically by last name. Each profile focuses on one business leader and begins by the person’s name, date of birth, and their company affiliation or occupation. The following elements are contained in each entry.

  • Overview: this section provides a summary of the person’s most important contributions to business, industry, and society. This paragraph will give interesting information on the person’s greatest achievements.
  • Personal Life: this section includes a detailed description of the person’s life, circumstances of birth and childhood, family life, influential friends or relatives, experiences that may have affected the person later in life, marriage, religion, and circumstances around their death. This section also includes information on the person’s education, business or personal memberships, affiliations, or awards the person has won.
  • Career Details: this section discusses significant factors about the career of the individual, especially when their greatest successes were achieved. It focuses on highlights of the person’s career including details about what the person may have invented or innovations and new practices that have impacted business and industry. This section may also include information on how the individual tailored their product or service to compete successfully in the marketplace. It may detail the past and current strategies of the person’s professional career or management style.
  • Social and Economic Impact: this section discusses what effect the individual or their product or service has had on industry or on society in general.
  • Chronology: the element featured in an easy-to-read box lists dates of major events or achievements highlighting the individual’s personal and professional life.
  • Sources of Information: lists mailing address and/or web site when available to help the reader with further research.
  • Bibliography: this section provides user with suggested further reading on the business leader. These sources, also used to compile the essays, are publicly accessible materials such as magazines, general and academic periodicals, books, and online databases.
  • Master Index: includes business leaders, companies, and industries.
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