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Pocono Record - History, Market, Online publications, Sister publications

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On April 2, 1894, the Daily Record, later renamed as The Pocono Record was founded. Fifty-two years later, James H. Ottaway Sr. bought the newspaper which became the third newspaper of the Ottaway Newspapers chain. Ottaway is now a branch of Dow Jones & Company while the Pocono Record is one of Ottaway Newspapers of Pennsylvania LP.


Monroe County, Pennsylvania is the area of coverage for the Pocono Record, centering on East Stroudsburg and several smaller counties. The Pocono Record has a lot of opportunity for growth because Monroe County is one of the fastest growing counties in Pennsylvania. Though this seems promising, it is difficult for the newspaper because a large percentage of the population commutes to New Jersey or New York City and, therefore, doesn’t focus on issues from their smaller community. As a result of this, the Pocono Record does not have direct competitiors, competing against such newspapers as the New York Post and the New York Daily News.

Online publications

In the 1990s, the Pocono Record went online; it’s properties have grown since then and provides services in Pocono and the rest of the world.

Some of the online publications include:


The main newspaper website is at PoconoRecord.com and is updated daily with the printed news as well as throughout the day with breaking news and updates. The website also has a news archive that is run by Google. There are community pages organized by region and include several databases of information covering each individual community. This is a service that helps people locate answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Many believe this particular part of the website is increasingly useful for those considering a move to the area. There are also a number of special report sites reporting on regional hot topics.

Sister publications

The Pocono Record publishes a few other publications, including:

The Eastern Poconos Community News

Known as Community News, the Eastern Poconos Community News is sent to residences free of charge as long as they are located in eastern Monroe County. This is a weekly paper featuring original columns as well as new material. It relies very heavily on stories from the daily Pocono Record which it reprints. Almost 10,000 copies are sent out each and every week.

Mountain Mail

Discontinued in January of 2006, Mountain Mail’s news is now covered by the daily Pocono Record. While still in publication, Mountain Mail was mailed free to Skytop, Mountainhome, Buck Hills Falls, Henryville, Paradise Valley and several other small communities. Containing both original and reprinted material, Mountain Mail mailed almost 5,000 issues per printing. In total, 8.000 issues were circulated with each printing.

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