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Content Management in Multimedia News Systems

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Definition: Content management news systems represent modern tools to author, categorize, control, revise, and publish multimedia content for the news presentation and distribution services.

Recent developments in the scalability and performance of the Internet have brought myriads of information to the average user’s fingertips. Information commercialization has reached information society and news networks are sending their contents all over the globe. Based on the typical news sources provided by individual journalists, national and international news agencies and worldwide broadcast networks, contents have been handled with appropriate multimedia management systems. Since content assets are typically out of academic and technical administration, specific user-oriented software has emerged and has become widely popular within the last five years: Content Management Systems.

Based on research oriented Web engineering methodologies the news market has started to adopt management features and high volume capabilities for developing and utilizing commercial and open source systems. Market leaders like Stellent , Microsoft , Vignette, IBM , Tridion, OpenText and others are offering customer oriented features in their commercial services, thus competing with open source CMS leaders like Zope, OpenCMS, Typo3, Mambo, or Bricolage. All systems manage multimedia news based on specific content repositories and with increasing usability for their target market, the content administrators. Content management systems strictly separate three classes of user services: the service design, the content organization and structuring, and the content manipulation. Obeying the non-technical background of most of the content creators such as journalists and editors, all CMS provide an easy-to-use interface for multimedia content creation and further management in the content asset’s lifecycle.

Multimedia news services now involve besides enormous amounts of digitized textual information also images, audio and video material, supported by multiple technical tools for seamless integration and modern distribution. The popularity of visual media such as photos, videos, and animations attests to their mainstream acceptance. Technically multimedia integration has been adapted to middleware software and content management applications to allow a seamless integration with current news management and distribution applications

Research and industry developments in the news management and distribution domain have lead to hundreds of modern and appropriate products to handle multimedia news contents. The market leaders (both commercial and open source frameworks and solutions) cover the most relevant aspects of the news content lifecycle discussed in “Multimedia News Systems”.

Content management systems generally distinguish application design from information organization and content manipulation. Most emphasis in the news application domain is given to the content manipulation section, thus providing journalists and editors with appropriate modern tools to author, categorize, control, revise, and publish multimedia contents for the news presentation and distribution services.

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