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Demosaicked Image Postprocessing

demosaicking color step pipeline

Definition: Demosaicked image postprocessing is used after a demosaicking module in a processing pipeline to enhance the quality of demosaicked, full-color, camera images.

The most essential step in a single-sensor imaging pipeline is the demosaicking process. However, demosaicking solutions usually introduce visual impairments, such as blurred edges and color shifts. Therefore, demosaicked image postprocessing should be used after a demosaicking module in a processing pipeline to enhance the quality of demosaicked, full-color, camera images (Figure 1)

Unlike demosaicking, which is considered a stand-alone procedure, demosaicked image postprocessing is an optional step which complements (without replacing) the available demosaicking solutions. It performs full color image enhancement (Figure 2), as the input to the postprocessor is a demosaicked, full-color, Red-Green-Blue (RGB) image and the output is an enhanced RGB color image. Since the CFA image values are not affected by the demosaicking step and thus, they are included in a demosaicked output image, the postprocessing process should improve the color appearance and sharpness, as well as eliminate false colors by utilizing the information from both its demosaicked components and the original CFA data. The objective can be achieved by employing, in a fully automated manner, both an edge-sensing mechanism and a spectral model to track the varying spatial and spectral characteristics of the demosaicked image.

Such enhancement operations can be treated as either a postprocessing procedure incorporated as the last step in a demosaicking pipeline or as an independent postprocessing operation. Unlike demosaicking, postprocessing can be applied iteratively until certain quality criteria are met. The postprocessor can be implemented either in hardware or software on the camera itself. Alternatively, the postprocessing of the demosaicked image can be performed in a personal computer using software distributed by the camera manufacturer or by utilizing conventional, public image processing tools. Thus, the proposed postprocessing concept can complement the existing CFA based processing pipelines.

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