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Extensible Stylesheet Language

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Definition: The Extensible Stylesheet Language or XSL is a W3C recommendation used for formatting Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents for displaying or reformatting the XML, perhaps using a different schema.

Since XML is gaining wide acceptance for data interchange, in particular on the Internet, XSL is of great value for translating documents from one XML dialect to another. Highly optimized XSL transformation (XSLT) engines are available on a wide range of platforms (e.g. Java, .Net, Perl) for this purpose.

The XSL syntax is itself XML compliant, and many development tools are available for authoring and debugging XSL transformations. The language is template based as opposed to procedural, and relies heavily on XPATH to select relevant segments of XML documents upon which to perform operations. The resulting output format for XSL can be XML, HTML, or plain text with a range of character encoding and formatting options (see Figure 1.)

For any application that uses XML for data input and output, XSL is the most efficient and platform-independent tool available to enable interoperability with other such applications. The other main benefit of XSL is to separate content from presentation. The source XML data can be transformed through one of several styles to create suitable renderings or user

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