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In Home, in Car, in Flight Entertainment

system multimedia network equipments

Definition: Entertainment has exited from traditional places and is now an anywhere activity for people at homes, cars, and flights.

Home entertainment can be considered as a part of a more complex demotic system. Domestics is the combination of technologies for improved living in the areas of safety, comfort and security management. New systems can provide consumers with personalized services tailoring to their well-being, communication and entertainment needs. In an entertainment-equipped home, a high-speed, always-on, Internet access combined with WLAN is quite common. At the same time, home theaters, game consoles and other entertainment equipments are widely adopted. The presence of a broadband network and of different entertainment equipments encourage a drastic revolution in future home entertainment promoting the design of a magic box where new exciting multimedia applications will be all available for instant enjoyment. According to , today, the magic box does not exist yet. While in the computer industry all majors have understood the need to simplify the life for the consumers, the home theater industry has not become aware of this topic. The devices composing a home theater live as fragmented pieces of the same picture, still having many companies fighting to impose their technical choices as standard. Hence, to obtain a fully inclusive system (video, stereo, decoder, console, Web) it is still necessary to acquire a variety of equipments made by different manufacturers. Therefore, many efforts should be devoted should develop a control protocol that permits to configure each device and to build-up a plug and play system for new devices.

From home to car, entertainment becomes, usually, an attempt to define a mobile home theatre . For example, Dolby provides an enhanced audio/video experience for all passengers in a car. Other simple multimedia entertainments are based on the use of GPS systems that show the localization of the car on a map, or in alternative, by the use of digital radios that provide dynamically update information. Sophisticated applications exploiting wireless solutions implement network of cars that offer multimedia distribution services.

From car to airplane, technical problem becomes more urgent. Entertaining people during an intercontinental flight is really a hard work. Typically, an on-board broadcasting system offers to travelers music and movies. New forms of entertainment are possible, simply equipping the plane with on-board multimedia services and network connections. For example, 757 Boing jet of the Song Airlines is equipped with an in-flight multimedia system that offers GPS tracking, connecting gate, digital shopping, in-seat Internet connectivity, SMS/email messaging, streamed MP3 play lists, 24 channels of live network TV, and interactive networked games for free.

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