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Multimedia Content Modeling in Cosmos-7

video mpeg described objects

Definition: The COSMOS-7 is a content modeling scheme that uses the MPEG-7 standard to describe high and low level features.

Content modeling is the cornerstone for describing multimedia semantics and accessing content based on user criteria, The COSMOS-7 is a content modeling scheme that uses the MPEG-7 standard to describe all sorts of high and low level features. It is also an interface for creating multimedia semantics that also allows querying of the content.

Figure 1 shows the semantic aspects that COSMOS-7 is modeling, using MPEG-7. It is assumed that a video is already segmented into smaller and meaningful parts. The media stream contains objects with their absolute position. Objects and their properties are described with the ObjectDS and ConceptDS respectively. The absolute location of an object at a given snapshot is outlined with the StillRegionDS, which is linked with the object it depicts. The objects layout in the video shot defines the spatial relationships between them. These can be either in 2D space, i.e. left, above, or in 3D, i.e. before, inside. The MPEG-7 provides two classification schemes for this; the SpatialRelationCS is used for 2D relationships, while the BaseRelationCS is used for 3D. Finally, events that occur are described with the EventDS. They appear at a given order in a video shot and last for a certain period of time. Their relation in time defines the temporality, and to model this the TemporalRelationCS is used.

A wide range of applications, starting from Video summarization and personalization requires a content modeling scheme as the first step, but to benefit the most out of it, all the aspects described have to be present.

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