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Multimedia News Systems Infrastructure

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Definition: The leading presentation platform in multimedia news presentation is news networks providing television services and Internet content distribution.

The demand for networked consumer systems and devices is large and growing rapidly. At home, in a car, at work or at play, Internet users want transparent internetworking and permanent connection to services, providing them entertainment, information, and communication. News professionals like journalists or opinion leaders in leading roles of companies and organizations request news as essential part of their business life. Digital media as a commonly available data type for news applications brings challenges for computing infrastructure and solution architectures. While many corporate uses of digital media can be handled with current infrastructure, multimedia news systems require more than simple capacity improvements for multimedia contents. The news community is researching for solutions like high level semantic analysis, management of mixed-type information, and distribution and presentation of multimedia data to satisfy requirements by business scenarios.

Modern news networks, news syndication services, and media observation and international news exchange networks are following the customers’ needs and provide specific services within the multimedia news application domain. The leading presentation platform in multimedia news presentation is clearly news networks providing Television services and Internet content distribution. Considering the language and geographical restrictions of TV, Internet-based services are in the main focus of multimedia news systems at present and in the future. The most-used presentation platform for multimedia news herein is the World Wide Web, providing all facets of news aggregation, manipulation, and dissemination.

Multimedia news services are facing multiple challenges in storing, providing, and distributing high volume data contents. Competing news providers manage voluminous textual databases, image repositories and multimedia databases. Most appropriate server cluster technology and storage networks handle the data and application management for highly available and scalable multimedia systems. Modern Internet protocols like HTTP for web-based presentation of text and images, and streaming protocols such as RTSP for audio and video streaming cover the distribution and presentation services of multimedia news systems.

Besides the technical enabling of news presentation and distribution, legal and commercial constraints contribute challenges to the news application area and the main business players within this area. Recently, besides customer oriented access restrictions and modern billing systems, multimedia news are enriched with up-to-date encrypting mechanisms. Especially for audio and video formats, the time constraints in encoding and decoding live streams have introduced challenges which are met by modern approaches such as encryption and watermarking for copyrighted MPEG. Data security is vital for multimedia commerce and for multimedia applications, light weight encryption algorithms are attractive and appropriate.

Common network problems and known issues like bandwidth restrictions at end user sites and peak loads at certain times of the day in news distributions are handled via appropriate network topologies (strategically located service caches) and server side caching of frequently retrieved news data.

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