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Multimedia Sensor Networks - Multimedia Sensor Network Systems

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Deepa Kundur and William Luh
Department of Electrical Engineering
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA

Definition: In multimedia sensor networks the multimodal sensors collect multimedia information including images, video and audio.

Sensor networks are comprised of low-cost unattended groups of densely placed sensor “nodes” that locally observe, communicate (often using wireless means), and coordinate to collectively achieve high-level inference and actuation tasks. The nodes are distributed in a physical region, often containing a specific phenomenon of interest, which is to be monitored and possibly controlled. When the sensor nodes collect diverse types of information such as temperature, humidity, acoustic and visual data simultaneously, they are termed “multimodal sensors.” Multiples types of sensing can occur within the same node through the use of distinct sensing technologies or across different nodes each having a single, but distinct sensor type. If the multimodal sensors collect multimedia information such as digital images, video and audio, they form a multimedia sensor network .

Multimedia Sensor Network Systems

At the time of this writing, several proposals for multimedia sensor networks focusing on video data have been proposed. These include the Distributed Interactive Video Array (DIVA) under development at Spawar Systems Center, the “Smart” Sensor Networks for Visual Context Capture and Interactivity project at the University of California, San Diego, the Collaborative Visual Sensor Networks project at Stanford University, Video Sensor Networks research on managing spatiotemporal objects at Boston University, and network research on Wireless Video Sensor Networks at Virginia Tech. In addition, video sensor networks are being applied to nearshore environment monitoring for oceanographic research at the Coastal Imaging Lab at Oregon State University. A group at Oregon Graduate Institute has developed the Panoptes wireless video sensor network test bed, which shows potential for environmental monitoring, healthcare, robotics applications, and security/surveillance.

For the evolving details of these systems, readers are referred to the References section.

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