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Recording Teleconferencing Sessions

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Definition: Recording a teleconferencing session consists of recording everything that transpires in that session, including audio, video, and application sharing.

Temporal relation between events and media must be preserved for the accurate reconstruction of the session. The ability to record a teleconferencing session is an important requirement for many applications. In many cases, it is necessary to play back the events that took place in a session. For example, when a participant misses a teleconferencing meeting, he/she can play back exactly what happened in the meeting, if the session was recorded. This includes conversations and discussions among participants, as well as applications and documents that were shared. Ideally, this recording should be done in a transparent way; i.e., user applications need not be modified for this recording to take place. One approach to achieve this would be for the “recorder” module to join the session as a regular client and observe what is taking place and record it. This is also referred to as non-intrusive recording. The J-VCR system is an example of a non-intrusive teleconferencing recording tool.

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