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Bose, Satyendra Nath

statistics quantum particles spin

[bohs] (1894–1974) Indian physicist: discovered the quantum statistics of particles of integral spin.

An education at Presidency College in Calcutta led Bose to a lectureship at the Calcutta University College of Science, and another at the University of Dacca when it was formed in 1921. During his research career he made significant advances in statistical mechanics and quantum statistics, the description of all forces by a single field theory, X-ray diffraction and the interaction of electromagnetic waves with the ionosphere.

In 1924 Bose derived black-body radiation law without the use of classical electrodynamics, which Planck had needed to use. Bose was able to obtain 2 years’ leave for research and travel, and in Europe he met . Einstein took up Bose’s work and formed a general statistics of quantum systems from it (the Bose–Einstein statistics) which describes particles of integral spin, which may multiply occupy the same quantum state. Such particles are now known as bosons. An equivalent statistics for spin-½ particles which are limited to one particle per quantum state is called the Fermi–Dirac statistics, and the particles are called fermions.

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