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Dausset, Jean

blood transfusion reactions patients

[dohsay] (1916– ) French immunologist: made important investigations into blood transfusion reactions.

From the time during the Second World War when he served in a blood transfusion unit, Dausset was mainly interested in transfusion reactions. This led him in the early 1950s to discover that the belief that blood of group O can be used for all patients is false. If the donor has recently been given antidiphtheria or antitetanus vaccine, the resulting antibodies can produce shock reactions when the blood is transfused. Continuing his study of transfusion responses, Dausset found that patients who had many blood transfusions were prone to produce antibodies against the white cells. The antigen (human lymphocyte antigen, HLA) is, he suggested, related to the mouse H-2 system. The work led to ‘tissue typing’ by simple tests and proved of great value in reducing rejection risks in organ transplant surgery. Dausset shared a Nobel Prize in 1980 with G D Snell (1903–96) and Venezuelan-born B Benacerrof (1920– ), both US medical graduates whose work in immunological genetics was mutually complementary.

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