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Dutrochet, Henri

plants plant found physiology

[dütrohshay] (1776–1847) French plant physiologist: discovered some basic features of plant physiology.

Born into a wealthy family, Dutrochet’s early life was blighted by a club foot, ultimately fully corrected by a local healer (also the hangman) after medical men had failed. After the Revolution he became an army medical officer but had to retire after catching typhoid in the Peninsular War.

After his resignation from the army in 1809 he seems to have spent his time researching in animal and especially plant physiology. He held the view that life processes are explicable in chemical and physical terms and that cellular respiration is essentially similar in plants and animals. In 1832 he found the small openings (stomata) on the surface of leaves, later found to be the entry points for gas exchange in plants. INGENHOUSZ had shown that plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, and Dutrochet found that only those parts of plants containing the green pigment chlorophyll can do this. He was the first to study successfully the production of heat during plant growth. Although osmosis had been observed previously, it was he who first studied it fully and proposed that it was the cause of sap movement in plants.

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