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Now That's What I Call Music! - Original United Kingdom Series, United States Series, World Wide Series

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Now That’s What I Call Music is a compilation that debuted in 1983 with almost thirty UK hit singles available on either cassette or a double vinyl LP. Although other similar compilations were released, the spreading of music tracks over two discs rather than one made for better sound quality which helped to make the Now! compilation so successful. A much larger amount of hits could also be included on the Now! compilation because the albums were the product of several record companies. The first album in the Now! series included over ten number-one hits which was unheard of prior to its release. The album became number one, but received competition from a rival company. This attempt to compete with Now! series was titled The Hits Album, these two series were released throughout the 1980s.

The longevity of Now! has made it a cultural icon. Collectors of the series can find the albums very easily because the series has always been so successful. Three Now! albums are released every year. Now That’s What I Call Music! 65 dropped in November of 2006. The series still releases on the double-album format and can include up to forty songs on two discs. The biggest seller was Now That’s What I Call Music! 57. It sold over 300,000 albums in the first week of release alone. It was the second fastest selling album of the 21st century, second to a release by Dido. Mark Goodier is the voice of Now That’s What I Call Music! advertisements. There have been several Now That’s What I Call Music! spin-offs including: Now Dance, Now! Millenium Edition, Best of Now!, Now! Smash Hits, Now! Christmas, Now! Summer and Now! Karaoke.

United States Series

Now That’s What I Call Music!! was released in the United States in 1998. Originally called “Now,” the full name of “Now That’s What I Call Music” was utilized upon the release of the second compilation. Volume number 24 was released in March of 2007. The United States Now! compilations have been extremely successful. Now 23 sold almost 340,000 copies in the first week alone. Now 7 sold more than three million copies in a mere twenty weeks. The most poorly received Now album is Now #1s which sold less than 500,000 units. The music of Beyoncé Knowles has appeared the most times in the series, appearing 16 times in all. Britney Spears has had 11 songs featured. The Backstreet Boys also have 11 tracks on the albums.

World Wide Series

Now That’s What I Call Music! has released albums in a number of countries including: Arabia, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, and South America.

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