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Glashow, Sheldon Lee

theory particles called quark

[gla show] (1932–) US physicist: produced a unified theory (QCD) of electromagnetism and the weak nuclear interaction.

After Cornell and Harvard Glashow spent a few years in postdoctoral work at the Bohr Institute, at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva and in the USA, and in 1967 returned to Harvard as professor of physics.

Glashow produced one of the earliest models explaining the electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces. The theory then developed this further and was a coherent theory for particles called leptons (electrons and neutrinos). Glashow extended their theory to other particles such as baryons and mesons by introducing a particle property called ‘charm’. He used theory that particles were made up of smaller particles called quarks, and postulated that a fourth ‘charmed’ quark was necessary, giving a group of particles described by SU4 (Unitary Symmetry of Dimension 4). The dramatic discovery of the J (or psi) particle that confirmed this approach was made by in 1974. They found other predicted particles during the next 2 years. Since then the quark theory has been extended to include a ‘coloured’ quark, and the theory (which is known as quantum chromodynamics, QCD) is now discussed on the basis of Glashow’s approach. He shared a Nobel Prize in 1979.

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