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Green, George

green’s theorem mathematics integral

(1793–1841) British mathematician: established potential theory in mathematical physics.

Green left school early to work in the family corn mill and bakery and studied mathematics on his own. When his father died the mill was sold and he became financially independent. At age 40 he began to study at Cambridge; he graduated in 1837 and received a fellowship, but became ill and died soon afterwards.

In 1828 he published a paper in a local journal of which only a few copies were issued. It was discovered by after Green’s death and shown to leading physicists including ; both realized its great value. In it Green uses the term ‘potential’ and developed this mathematical approach to electromagnetism. He also included his famous theorem, which gives a way of solving partial differential equations by reducing a volume integral to a surface integral over the boundary (Green’s theorem).

Green’s theorem has found recent use in pure mathematics, in particle physics, in various branches of engineering and in soil science. Appreciated at last, the 200th anniversary of his birth was celebrated, and included the unveiling of a plaque in Westminster Abbey among the memorials to the greatest of his fellow scientists.

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