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Hippocrates (of Cos)

medicine hippocratic treatment

[hi po krateez] ( c .460–370 BC ) Greek physician: traditional founder of clinical medicine.

Little is known of Hippocrates’ life with any certainty, except that he taught at Cos, travelled widely and had exceptional fame in his lifetime. The many writings under his name must include work by others, since over 100 years separate the earliest and the latest items in the ‘collection’. The best of them represent a stage where medicine was emerging from a magical and religious basis and was seeking to become rational and scientific in its approach to diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Success in this attempt was limited, but for nearly 2000 years no better work was done; like work, Hippocratic ideas were to dominate their field and become sanctified by time. Many diseases listed in the Hippocratic Collection were ascribed to imbalance of the four ‘humours’ of the body and treatment was largely restricted to rest, diet and exercise rather than drugs. His case histories are admirably concise, and many of his descriptions and comments are still valid.

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