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Jordan, (Marie-Ennemond) Camille

theory equations polytechnique topology

[zhordã] (1838–1922) French mathematician: a major contributor to group theory.

Jordan trained as an engineer at the École Polytechnique, and as an engineer pursued mathematics in his spare time. At 35 he joined the mathematical staff of the École Polytechnique and taught at the Collège de France.

Jordan absorbed the ideas of the ill-fated and developed a rigorous theory of finite, and then infinite, groups. He linked permutation groups and Galois’s study of permuting the roots (solutions) of equations to the problem of solving polynomial equations. Jordan published a classic on group theory, Traité de substitutions , in 1870. He advanced symmetrical groups, and reduced the linear differential equations of order n to a group theoretic problem. Finally, he generalized work on the theory of quadratic forms with integral coefficients. Jordan inspired to pursue novel research on group theory. Topology also interested Jordan and he devised homological or combinatorial topology by investigating symmetries in polyhedra.

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