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Lamb, Hubert Horace

climate time variety past

(1913– ) British climatologist: pioneered study of palaeoclimates.

After graduating in natural science and geography from Cambridge, Lamb spent most of his professional career at the Meteorological Office before establishing the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in 1973.

Lamb developed the view, controversial at the time, that there have been long-term variations in climate. Using a variety of historical sources (such as ship’s logs and the variations in tree-ring width) he produced a number of definitive studies of past climate, including daily weather classifications for Britain back to 1861, monthly temperature charts back to 1750 and a list of major volcanic eruptions and a corresponding dust veil index back to 1500. These indices have since been extended by other palaeoclimatic indicators, such as oxygen isotope measurements on lake and deep sea sediments. Together, such data have proved invaluable in the study of past climates and have shown beyond doubt that definite trends in climate occur on a variety of time scales.

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