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Lenz, Heinrich Friedrich Emil

law physics lenz’s current

[lents] (1804–65) Russian physicist: discovered Lenz’s Law.

Lenz studied chemistry and physics at the University of Dorpat (later Tartu), served as geophysicist on a voyage around the world when he was 19 and, on his return, was appointed to the staff of St Petersburg Academy of Science, eventually becoming dean of mathematics and physics.

On his voyage around the world Lenz made some important investigations of barometric pressure and of sea temperature and salinity, establishing (and explaining) the difference in salt content between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Indian Ocean. However, he is best remembered for his work on electromagnetism; Lenz’s Law states that the current induced by an electromagnetic force always flows in the direction to oppose the force producing it. This is a special case of the more general law of conservation of energy. He also showed that the resistance of eight metals increases with temperature and discovered (independently from ) the proportionality between the production of heat and the square of the current flowing in a wire.

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