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Paul, Wolfgang

trap dehmelt field single

(1913–93) German physicist.

Paul studied at Munich and Berlin before moving to Göttingen and Bonn. Paul with Hans Dehmelt (1922– ) introduced and developed the ion trap technique which has allowed single electrons and ions to be studied with amazing precision. Paul began such experiments in the 1950s by focusing atoms in a beam using a six-pole magnetic field. He showed that ions of different masses could be separated using a four-pole electrical field with a radio-frequency field added, and this is now a standard method called the Paul trap. The Penning trap can also be used, and was developed simultaneously by Paul and by Dehmelt in Seattle, WA. Dehmelt went on to observe a single electron in a trap, and was able to cool it. This allowed the g-factor of the electron (ie, its magnetic moment) to be accurately measured, a key test proving the validity of quantum electrodynamics (‘QED’). The subject of single ion spectroscopy quickly grew thereafter. Dehmelt served in the German army and was taken prisoner by the US Army in 1945 before studying at Göttingen and joining the University of Washington (Seattle) ten years later.

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