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Niki Taylor - Early Life and Family, Modeling Career, Health Struggles, Personal Life, Life Today

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Niki Taylor was born as Nicole Taylor to Barbara and Ken Taylor. She grew up in Pembroke Pines, Florida where her father worked as a Florida Highway Patrol officer and her mother worked as a photographer. After attending Cooper City High School, Niki studied special effects, singing, and dancing. Niki has an older sister named Joelle. Her younger sister, who also had a successful modeling career, died of heart problems when she was only 17.

Modeling Career

Niki Taylor always wanted to model. At age 13, she was signed to a local modeling agency. She met photographer Jean Renard who would become her manager. After winning a Fresh Faces competition in New York, she was signed to a $500,000 modeling contract. She began to model professionally at age 14, and by age 16, she was a millionaire and the president of her own company. Taylor’s first magazine cover was for Seventeen magazine, and, when she was 17, she became one of the youngest models to ever appear on the cover of Vogue. With over 400 magazine covers to her name, Taylor achieved a modeling feat in 1996 when she appeared on six covers in one month. In 1991, Niki was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in People Magazine. Niki also modeled in the 1991, 1997, 1998 and 1999 issues of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Niki Taylor was named a spokesmodel with CoverGirl in 1992. She has also appeared in campaigns for Pantene, Liz Claiborne, Nokia, and L’Oréal. Taylor hosted MTV’s Fashionably Loud and covered events for NBC.

Health Struggles

Niki Taylor went to a rehab center in 2001 to treat her addiction to Vicodin. Later that year, Taylor was badly injured in a car accident. The driver of the car she was in was talking on his phone while driving when he lost control of the car, smashing into a utility pole. Although Taylor was wearing her seat belt, because she was so slender, the belt caused internal injuries. She spent six weeks in a coma. Taylor has gone through over 80 operations and physical therapy.

Personal Life

Niki Taylor married football player, Matt Martinez in 1994 and had twin sons with him, Jake and Hunter. They divorced two years later. Taylor dated country singer Keith Urban follwoing the divorce. Taylor married NASCAR driver Burney Lamar in 2006.

Life Today

Niki Taylor lives with Lamar and her two sons in Tennessee. Taylor models very infrequently, spending her time at a clothing store she opened, instead. She founded the Begin Foundation for the Advancement of Women in Business, to help women with limited resources pursue their business ideas. In 2007, Taylor sued E! Entertainment for slander after they profiled her in their show, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

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