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Bernhard, ChristOph

dresden music schütz kapellmeister

Bernhard, ChristOph, German music theorist, singer, and composer; b. Kolberg, Jan. 1, 1628; d. Dresden, Nov. 14, 1692. He was a student of Siefert in Danzig and of Schütz in Dresden, where he then was a singer and teacher of singing to the choirboys (1649–55) and Second Kapellmeister (1655–63) at the electoral court. From 1664 to 1674 he was Kantor at the Johannisschule and municipal director of church music in Hamburg. He also was associated with Weckmann and his collegium musican concerts there. In 1674 he was recalled to Dresden as tutor to the Elector’s grandsons. He also acted as Second Kapellmeister at the electoral court under Schütz. Upon the latter’s death in 1674, he continued in that capacity until finally being made First Kapellmeister in 1681. He retired in 1688. Bernhard was a significant music theorist. In his Tractatus compositionis augmentatus he delineated three compositional styles according to the relationship of words and music, place of performance, and types of dissonance employed. His other treatises included Ausführlicher Bericht vom Ge-brauche der Con- und Dissonantien and Von der Singe-Kunst oder Manier . His compositions included various sacred works, including a vol. of 20 concertos for 1 to 4 Voices as Geistliche Harmonien (Dresden, 1665) and Prudentia prudentiana (Hamburg, 1669). Bernhard was also commissioned by Schütz in 1672 to compose a funeral motet for 5 Voices to be performed at Schütz’s funeral. BlBL.: R. Streetman, G B. (diss., North Tex. State Univ. 1967).

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