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Linsey Dawn McKenzie - Background, Glamour and Softcore Pornography, Move To Hardcore Pornography, Trivia

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie was born into the middle-class neighborhood of Wallington where she lived with her parents and older brother Scott and sister Alyson. In 1987, her father Tony, the manager of a scaffolding company and mother Lesley, a teacher, divorced. When McKenzie was nine years old, her mother remarried Chris Atkins. By the time she was 15, McKenzie was a size 34DD, reaching 34GG at just 17 years old. McKenzie went to school at the Carshalton High School for Girls where she barely graduated, putting plans to find a career in the tourism field on hold to delve into a modeling career.

Glamour and Softcore Pornography

When McKenzie was just fifteen-years-old, her twenty-year-old sister, Alyson took topless pictures of her, sending them to modeling agencies in hopes of landing a contract. Just days later, McKenzie attended her first photoshoot, but because of her age, photographers were limited to the types of pictures that could be taken. As a result, McKenzie began her career in a promising way, doing bikini shoots and clothed glamour, however, McKenzie stated that she would be willing to pose semi-nude once she reached the legal age (in the United Kingdom) of sixteen.

The Daily Sport, a local newspaper discovered McKenzie and she became a regular model for them while traveling in an adult-oriented touring company. At the ages of sixteen and seventeen, she also appeared topless in several local tabloid newspapers before deciding to pose nude in British softcore magazines like Whitehouse and Mayfair. She also made some softcore videos with her own sister, Alyson which are considered child pornography in the United States and Canada, and have never been released in these countries.

In 1996, McKenzie turned eighteen and signed a contract with North American publisher of pornography, the Score Group for whom she modeled nude, releasing pictorials and videos.
McKenzie became a very popular model in the adult industry appearing by herself and with other industry girls, eventually being chosen as Score’s model of the year in 2004.

Move To Hardcore Pornography

In time, McKenzie’s photo and video shoots became more graphic and she eventually made hardcore films including:

Linsey’s Lezzie Seduction (2000)
Ultimate Linsey (2001)
Maximum Insertion (2004)
Busty Anal Lovers (2005)


Due to the size of her breasts, McKenzie had frequent backaches and decided to greatly reduce the size of her breasts in 2005.
McKenzie married footballer Mark Williams in 2004 and they had their first child, a son, Luca Scott Mark two years later. They now live in Spain.
In 2000, McKenzie was caught drunk-driving and lost her license for 1 year.
Mckenzie bought a terrier puppy with the money she received from her first photoshoot and still owns the little dog whom she named Shea.

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