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Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz von

missa music salzburg kapellmeister

Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz von, outstanding Bohemian composer and violinist; b. Wartenberg, Aug. 12, 1644; d. Salzburg, May 3, 1704. He was in the service of Prince Bishop Karl, Count Liechstenstein-Kastelkorn of Olmütz, by about 1665. In 1670 he settled in Salzburg as a member of the archbishop’s Kapelle, where he was made Vice-Kapellmeister in 1679 and Kapellmeister in 1684. In 1690 he was ennobled by Emperor Leopold I. Biber was a remarkable composer of both secular and sacred music, and was a virtuoso violinist who excelled in scordatura. His Mystery and Rosary Sonatas for Violin and Continuo (c. 1676), composed as postludes for the services of the Rosary Mysteries at Salzburg Cathedral, are notable examples of scordatura. His 8 sonatas for Solo Violin and Continuo (1681) are also fine scores. Among his other chamber works are 2 collections of music for 1 or 2 Violins, 2 Violas, and Bass (1680, 1683). He also publ. a collection of music for Trumpets and Strings (1676). Among his finest sacred works are the 32-part Vesperae (1693), the Missa Sancü Henrici (1701), the 36-part Missa Alleluja , and the Requiems in A major and F minor. An anonymous 53-part Missa salisburgensis (1682) may be his as well. He also wrote the operas Chi la dura la vince (1687), Alessandro in Pietra (1689; not extant), and L’ossequio di Salisburgo (1699; not extant), as well as several school dramas.

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