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Prepaid Phone Service - Saving Money with Prepaid Phone Service - Why Choose a Prepaid Phone Plan, Which Plan is Right for You

How to Avoid Lengthy Contracts and Expensive Cell Phone Plans

plans minutes cell phones

The popularity of prepaid cell phones is increasing. Most consumers are either tired of signing lengthy contracts or are unable to enter into an agreement due to credit problems. Prepaid cell phones are sold everywhere and will allow you to make as few or as many calls as you want on a pay-per-minute basis. You are living in a time where most people need a cell phone and for many, cell phone prepaid plans are the only option.

Why Choose a Prepaid Phone Plan

The main reason to choose a prepaid plan over a conventional plan is that you do not have to sign a contract. Prepaid plans offer you the convenience of cell phone service without committing to a one- or two-year agreement. If you decide to try another service provider, there is no need to pay high fees to cancel a plan. Prepaid plans give you the flexibility to switch providers as often as you want.

Prepaid plans are also perfect for individuals with poor credit. In order to sign up for standard phone service, you go through a vigorous credit check and if you do not pass, you are not allowed to purchase the plan. With prepaid phones, there is no credit check and anyone can receive a phone. You also have greater control over your minutes. You can decide how many minutes you receive each month with the amount you put on the phone. If you are going on vacation and think you will need additional minutes, simply buy a prepaid card and add the minutes. There is no danger of going over your minutes and being charged outrageous fees.

Many parents are also buying prepaid phones for their children. Prepaid plans are the perfect choice for children because parents can determine how much money they want to spend on their child’s cell phone bill each month. You won’t have to worry about them buying expensive ringtones or going over the texting budget. They can only spend the money that is on the phone, so you will be protected.

Which Plan is Right for You

All of the major cell phone providers are now offering prepaid plans to suit your needs. Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile all have plans that will allow you to purchase select phones that use prepaid minutes. You cannot choose from every phone on the market, however. Smart phones are not included in the plans and many do not allow text messaging.

A majority of the prepaid phones cost $20 – $80. Once you purchase the phone, you can add as many minutes as you want. The cost is usually around 10 cents per minute. There are also plans available which will allow unlimited calls for around $50 per month.

Examine prepaid cell phone plans available and see if they will help you save money. Take control of your calling and use the minutes when you need them, without wasting money on unnecessary contracts.

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