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The internet has evolved from being the refuge of the nerds in the early 1990’s, to a phenomenon used regularly by between one and two billion people world wide. With a global population burgeoning upon 7 billion, this is a formidable usage statistic. As any true nerd could tell you, the internet of itself is a medium that connects computers from all around the world. It is an oft-overlooked fact that the World Wide Web is actually the application and protocol that allows people access to the internet in a manner that is practical for them.

The World Wide Web utilizes a hyper text mark up language (HTML) that enables the construction of documents. Free web page builder for example, that are able to be access on the web by the world at large. This language is able to create a free web page as it converts the low level abstraction of binary programming and its relationship to electronically controlled switches within a machine, into the relatively high level of abstraction found in easily understood rules that make building a web page as easy to do as driving a car.
A mark up language can also be challenging however, and if users were provided no further assistance to make a free website, it could hardly be the case that up to 25% of the world is using the internet. Today, even easier methods of implementing HTML abound in the form of editing software and can make free web page. They act on simple directions to provide the user who can create free web site that is underscored by automatically generated HTML code. These editors are in effect a framework within which a graphical user interface (GUI) is used to convey directions as to the specifications desired to create a free web page. Quite literally, applications such as Dreamweaver and Page Creator build free web site and will allow users to manipulate a graphical representation of their website instead of having to write the underpinning code.

So sophisticated are these web design applications, that many internet service providers make them available to customers free of charge when they subscribe to other service packages. Free website creating abounds. Indeed, advertising has proved to be the essential lubricant that drives the popularity of the World Wide Web and its unique economy. With this as the focal point of concern for any online commercial enterprise, it is hardly surprising that many websites offer free space for users to register their own sub-classified website with a free web builder. In effect, users are able to construct their own child website that is hosted underneath the banner of the parent website. In this manner, users receive the opportunity to create and maintain their own website, while the hosting site receives the frequenting of registered users and also the visitors to the sub-classified sites created by users. This naturally boosts the sites visibility as their advertising receives greater exposure. In similar fashion, the increased frequency of individual users to the site will represent an increase in value being delivered to advertisers on the site as they can quantify the number of individuals toward which their advertisements are promoted. The host site therefore, evolves to generate a greater perception of value in the market place, and gradually commands greater advertising revenue as advertisers compete for the masses that flock there.

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