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Mens Elastic Waist Pants - mens elastic waist pants - Mens Elastic Waist Pants, A Chameleon-like Fit

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Sociologists adhere to the premise that clothing is an ancient form of tattooing. Similarly, psychologists believe that clothing is a complex form of self expression. Considering the enormous influence that the merchandising of clothes plays in our modern day life, it stands to reason that often it is marketing power rather than good sense that persists in the making of people’s clothing choices. Still, there is one area that common sense is alive and well: practicality and comfort. These two features appeal to every consumer with respect to their clothing (even if their importance is subdued in public), and their appeal is irresistible when we are alone.

To this end, the fashion-conscious man finds refuge in mens elastic waist pants. Not only do they address the health concerns and discomfort of conventional trousers that incorporate a belt, but they retain functionality and practicality in total. Men’s elastic waist pants are manufactured today in as many conventional fabrics, styles and colours as any other men’s trousers, but yet allow their wearer to avoid discomfort and remain at ease.

A Chameleon-like Fit

With many contemporary styles, men’s elastic waist pants are indeed indistinguishable from their ill-fitting counterparts. While held up by an elastic waist, when accompanied by a pullover or jacket, these pants will appear as formal as a business suit, but with the relief afforded by a comfortable pair of casual trousers. For those who wish to take the costume further, the application of a belt to elastic waist pants will render them indistinguishable from ordinary trousers. Pleats and cuffs are today included in some styles to make elastic pants an indisputable consideration when comfort is a priority, yet appearance is everything.
Particularly at formal eating occasions, the prospect of a large meal being enjoyed in a pair of dress trousers offering no sympathy to the waistline is outdone by a pair of men’s elastic waist pants that allows a man to enjoy the generous occasion to the full extent of its formality, without revealing the escape from the norm. The fact that many men spend more than half of their time in formal work clothing adds to the contention that a more practical approach to men’s wear is now required.

If practicality is the order of the day, none are more versatile than men’s elastic waisted pants specially cut as cargo pants for outdoor activity, or denim jeans for protection from the elements. Further, the practicality of men’s elastic waist pants extends to fastening technology that today incorporates Velcro, buttons, and occasionally even the folded sleeve as an alternative to the traditional zipper. As the optimal wardrobe component for when activity is required, many sporting pursuits are able to be enjoyed in men’s elastic waist pants, not the least of which is the golfing fraternity.

Men’s elastic waist pants have spanned the gambit of numerous generations, and continue to be an old favorite due to their loyalty to the core requirements men are faced with; practicality and comfort that allows a man to conduct his affairs legitimately and with expression in the ordinary course of events.

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