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2 Line Cordless Phones - Everything you wanted to know about 2 line cordless phones - 2 line cordless phones for businesses, 2 line cordless phones at home

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Today we are more connected than ever before, and 2 line cordless phones are making communication even easier. There are plenty of benefits to two line cordless phones, and today’s average household can certainly benefit from a cordless 2 line phone.

2 line cordless phones for businesses

The idea behind cordless 2 line phones is to combine the mobility of a cordless phone with the utility of a 2 line phone. Of course businesses can always benefit from having 2 line phones, and as far as cordless phones go, 2 line phones are the perfect solution to being able to move around your business while accepting more than one phone call at a time. Today’s business world simply isn’t conducive to being strapped to a desk all day long, so 2 line cordless phones provide the answer.

2 line cordless phones at home

However, businesses aren’t the only ones that can benefit greatly from using 2 line cordless phones. As the world gets more and more connected every single day, we’re starting to see more 2 line cordless phones in homes. In fact, you pretty much need two lines if you have more than one child, and it just isn’t practical anymore to have wired phones. Two line cordless phones really are the answer for both home and business.

How 2 line cordless phones work

The way a cordless phone, 2 lines or more, actually works is very simple. But before any cordless 2 line phone will work, you’ve got to call your phone company and set up your home or business to have two lines. Once that is done, you can then hook up your 2 line cordless phone. Basically the 2 line cordless phone allows you to talk on both of your phone lines to two different people at the same time. You can put one of them on hold, or two people in your home or business can talk to two other people.

The technology of 2 line cordless phones

Every day we’re seeing more and more advancements in technology, and two line cordless phones are no different. There are several different types of these phones. The most basic phone includes just one handset and one base unit. Of course these basic units can also get very advanced as well, especially when you start looking at systems with answering machines or more than two lines. This type of phone system is usually better for businesses.

Other phone systems are made up of two or more handsets, one main phone station that actually plugs into your phone line, and one or more charging stations that are merely to charge your handsets. This type of phone system is perfect for busy households with several members who want to use the phone at the same time.

The newest type of cordless 2 line phone uses Bluetooth technology. One model that’s manufactured by AT&T even allows you to take a cell phone call on your home phone, simply by connecting a Bluetooth headset.

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