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C And C California - The C and C California Look

Comfort, Style, and Sophistication

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For two young women with no fashion background, Cheyan Benedict and Claire Stansfield (C and C California) used their love for t’shirts to create a multi-million dollar industry. The women stress that if they do not covet the clothes they are designing; if they do not enjoy the look of the clothes themselves; then, it is not offered to consumers. They really design what they love to wear. The theme of their apparel is a 1970s “California Chic” pool side, beachcombing look that caters to comfort and casual appeal. The $10,000 initial investment the two women pumped into C and C California paid off when Liz Claiborne acquired the business for $28 million nearly five years ago. What a return on an initial investment!

C and C California embodies a culture all its own of sophisticated, laid back, and comfortable clothing. Beginning as t’shirt wear, the brand has developed into a full line of women’s apparel ranging from sizes XS to L and including everything from dresses to blazers to jeggings (a combination jean/legging). The look and feel of C and C California resembles a yard sale, rummaging thrift stores for comfortable clothes approach; yet, the clothes are designed in a classic looking trend that makes women love what they are wearing and feel beautiful wearing them. Recently, the brand ventured into children’s clothing and maternity wear. The children’s line ranges from infant to a child’s size ten and offers children the same exquisite comfort and casual appeal of the adult line.

Their best sellers have ventured from the t’shirt to the eco friendly fabric hemp line of sleek, loose fitting tank styled dresses. The nice part about C and C California is their “buy more, save more” program where the consumer purchases, for example, 2 styles and saves 20%, 4 styles and saves 40%. Customers can benefit up to 40% off the cost of clothing from various coupons found on the web and during sale extravaganzas up to 70%. Such celebrities as Jennifer Aniston, Vaneesa Hudgins, Julia Roberts, and Evangeline Lilly (to name a few) enjoy the free moving, unique style of C and C California reassuring the consumer that designer clothes do not have to cost a fortune. The Julia Roberts’ look can be achieved without a million dollar monthly income!

If you are looking for a style of clothing that brings texture, color, class, and comfort all together with reasonably priced and effortless matching flexibility, C and C California is for you. The clothes can be worn for any occasion from beach, work, to cocktail party. You will look fabulous and feel comfortable all at the same time. You cannot go wrong wearing these designer pieces. The line of clothing can be purchased on line or found in many stores across the United States: Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Pea In a Pod, Milk Shop and ShopLAStyle. C and C California stores’ locations are 251 Balboa Street, San Francisco, (415) 221-5010, and 17136 Cleveland Bay, Moreno Valley, California (951) 924-8891.

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