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Cheap Internet Providers - Are there Cheap Internet Providers?

Do they exist?

free service support charges

Are there such beings as cheap internet providers? The answer to that question is YES and NO. Knowing what to look for in an internet provider as well as what you actually need is helpful in deciphering through all the many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) out there. A recurring problem for most people is whether or not the ISP actually covers their service area. Here are some resourceful tips when looking for cheap internet providers:

  • What are the additional charges? It is important to read the fine print. Nestled somewhere between lines 1 and 2,500 is a statement typed in a font of 6 that indicates “additional phone charges and usage restrictions may apply.” Such a statement should send red flags waving in your head. While you may be paying $4.95 a month for the internet, your phone charges could be huge. If you connect using a long distance or local toll access number, telephone charges are billed to you.
  • What is the difference between a discount provider and free internet accessability? * While free internet access sounds wonderful, as does anything that is free these days, it is important to understand what you are receiving. With free internet service providers, advertisements pay for the ability of use. This can make surfing the web very slow and difficult. It can also cause your computer to crash. With cheap internet providers, you will receive reliable, unlimited internet access for minimal cost. Cheap internet providers usually have technical support whereas free ISPs actually charge for tech support.
  • Are there sites that can help compare ISPs? * There are several very useful websites created for the sole purpose of finding cheap internet providers that meet your budget and needs. *Cheap and Free ISP *helps you to locate a variety of services that are useful including dial up, wireless mobile, DSL, and Cable and Satellite ISPs to name a few of the options available through this website. *All Free ISP *gives the consumer the ability to type in your state and area code to find free and discounted services in cities closest to your location.
  • What about commitment requirements? Most companies such as NetZero, AT&T, Verizon, and Copper Net require commitment. They give you a 50% to 70% discount on the monthly rate, and you sign a 12 month required commitment to use their services. Copper Net is a bit more lenient with a 3 month term and AT&T in some cases a 6 month term. Some companies ask for a 2 year contract period. Be aware of the length of time you will be using the service.
  • What are additional services to expect? Free technical support and installation support is extremely important. Look for a company that offers free customer service, virus protection, and spam protection. Comcast offers Xfinity for 6 months at $19.99 but this includes Norton Security Suite at no additional cost, a faster than DSL connection, and TV. AT&T has a $50 promotional card when you sign up for their FastAccess DSL with no voice line for $24.95.

You can find cheap internet providers that give quality service as long as you know where to look and what to ask.

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