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Send Text Messages Online - send text messages online - How to send text messages online

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It’s very easy to send text messages online, which means you certainly don’t have to have a cell phone in order to text someone. There are so many different websites that offer free services to send a text message online that some people choose to use these online services rather than their own cell phone! This is because anyone who hasn’t purchased unlimited text messaging services through their cell phone provider must pay for every text they send. Online text messaging services make it easy to cut back on the cost of texting, although it does mean texters are limited to times when they have a computer and internet access.

For those who don’t wish to use a website to send free text messages, there is also a way to use a regular email account to send text messages.

Legitimate websites to send text messages online

Because of the sheer number of websites that offer services to send free text messages online, it’s very important to understand what constitutes a legitimate site. For example, there should be no hidden costs. A website that claims to offer free text messaging services but requires a credit card or other form of payment obviously has some hidden fees.

Another important part of good text messaging sites is the requirement to register. Websites that allow people to send so-called anonymous texts are often used for spam and other questionable practices. This is why it’s always good to use a website that requires all texters to register. Just think about what the person receiving the text would think if they got a random text message from an anonymous source. It’s much better to register so the recipient will know who you are.

Sending text messages online

The most important thing that anyone who needs to send a text message online should keep in mind is that he must know what carrier the text recipient uses for cell phone service. Some websites offer a feature that allows users to look up which carrier a cell phone number is on, but it’s always better to verify this ahead of time because most text messaging websites will ask for it.

How to send text messages online through email

For those who don’t trust any of the websites that offer free texting online, there is a way to send text messages through email. However, this method is a bit trickier and requires some research first. All text messages are tied into the internet, which means anyone can send a message directly to the phone through the email-to-text gateway.

The format of the sender in the email should read as follows: PhoneNumber@vtext.com. The phone number part of the recipient name is the cell phone number of the person who will receive the text message. The second half of the address will require research. The example given is for someone on the Verizon network, but each of the major cell phone carriers will have its own gateway server. T-Mobile is tmomail.net, Sprint Nextel is messaging.sprintpcs.com, and AT&T is txt.att.net. Wikipedia has a full listing of email-to-text gateways.

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Send text message to a Cell Phone


You can Send Free Text Messages or Send SMS Text from PC to cell phone or mobile device.
You can send free SMS text messages to anyone with a SMS or text message enabled mobile phone. You no longer have to pay to send quick SMS or text messages as long as you have access to the Internet.