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Inkjet Color Printers - Which Inkjet Color Printers are best?

Comparing cost and quality

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With the popularity of digital cameras and the posting of photos through emails and social pages, inkjet color printers have become a necessity in the home. School projects are much more elaborate because students have access to more than just poster board and paste. Working from home has become a standard with the internet and available equipment to make the job easier. While there are many great inkjet color printers available of quality, it is important to compare from a practical standpoint what is out there and what you actually need.

If your strongest desire is for good quality photos, Epson Stylus Photo 1400 is a great choice. The cost is approximately $275.00. It does not have a LCD preview screen which is an attribute most people like in order to preview the photo before printing. There have been complaints that the text printing is not excellent but is adequate for simple home use. By comparison, the HP Photosmart D7560 gives similar quality to the Epson Stylus Photo 1400 in producing high quality photos but also delivers good text printing. The estimated cost for this inkjet color printer is $150.00. It has a feature that many do not have and that is the ability to print directly from memory cards. The color inkjet cartridges for both printers costs around $50.00.

A nice feature to the Canon Pixma iP4700 is that regular paper and photo paper can both be stored in the two separate paper trays. A feature many inkjet color printers do not have. For those who conserve paper, the Canon prints on both sides although there are complaints that it is a rather slow process. It does not have a LCD screen and the cost for color inkjet cartridges is around $60.00. The estimated cost of the Canon is $100.00. The HP Officejet 6000 Wireless has what is called an auto duplexer which allows printing on both sides of the paper. There are features on this printer that conserve energy and ink, a feature which will save you money. The cost for the HP Officejet is approximately $90.00.

A more inexpensive version of inkjet color printers is the HP Deskjet D1600 Printer. The cost of this printer is estimated at $30.00.This is a durable printer for basic needs, including photo printing. The paper capacity is low at 80 pages but overall for the price, the HP Deskjet D1600 is a good buy. The HP Deskjet D1660 occupies little space, weighing in at 5 pounds. Just as the D1600 series, this printer has a low paper capacity. The print quality in comparison to other inkjet color printers of its size and price is exceptional. The 1660 series HP costs approximately $30.00, and the cost for the two color inkjet cartridges is $30.00 as well.

The variety of inkjet color printers is huge which can be confusing when it is time to buy an appropriate one to meet your needs and budget. Following simple comparison profiles can help save time and money.

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